Commercial projects

"In 2022 Beartown Brewery took on a huge facelift, we are talking caterpillar to butterfly.  We embarked on it safe in the knowledge that the MLB team were there to support,
at every stage, from underpinning our building, relaying concrete, supporting in the receiving of our 6 containers of brewing equipment, to the full facelift of the 150 year old building, the creation and assistance in design of our tap room, including the addition of their knowledge around regs and licensing, all the way to the quality control with us on Fridays.

My first interaction with Jim began when he acknowledged my Gantt chart of work and referenced his own reading on Henry Gannt, which goes a long way to explain why this team is so knowledgeable and organised - coupled with his passion for brick work and incredible attention to detail.

I've known Matt for longer, and on behalf of MLB he delivered plenty of welcome surprises, including the team's punctuality, cleanliness, budget management, and ability to deliver to a timeline.

When we upscale again, we don't need to look too far."

Joe Manning

Business Owner, MD, Beartown Brewery